April 10, 2020

To Whom it May Concern:


Alabama Allergy & Asthma Center is a healthcare facility that is providing essential healthcare to our communities in Homewood, Hoover, Chelsea, Trussville, Cullman, and Oxford. 

This letter is provided to Alabama Allergy & Asthma Center patients to document their authorization to receive, on behalf of Alabama Allergy & Asthma Center, Essential Healthcare. Please allow them to proceed with essential functions, including travel and commuting, movement outside of their home and to and from our facilities to obtain our healthcare services. This may include, as safe conditions allow, crossing roadblocks, control points, police lines, or other similar containment or quarantine areas or zones.

If you have any questions, please contact Helen Combs, Executive Director, at 205-422-3553.



Helen Combs,

Executive Director