We Now Offer Allergycare 365

Fewer Appointments. No Needle. Year-round Relief

We Know That Getting To the Office Isn’t Always Easy

We Want You and Your Family To Be Healthy Wherever They Are

Allergycare365 provides you with a year-round, needle-free solution to your allergies. All from the comfort of home using allergy drops applied under the tongue.


What is Sublingual Immunotherapy?

Sublingual immunotherapy is a form of immunotherapy treatment that involves putting drops of allergen extract under the tongue where it is readily absorbed into your body. Many people refer to this process as “allergy drops,” and it is an alternative treatment to allergy injections. This form of immunotherapy has been used with great success and patient satisfaction for years in Europe, and more recently has developed wider acceptance in practice in the U.S. The allergen extracts are not a covered benefit by health insurance. The allergen extract ingredients used in the preparation of allergy drops in sublingual immunotherapy are the same allergen extract compounds used in traditional allergy injections.

What are the benefits?
  • Personalized Allergy Drops can be effective for use with children and adults to reduce the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and asthma, prevent the development of new allergies, and reduce the likelihood of developing asthma in the future.
  • Allergy drops can be a good option for patients with Allergy and Allergic Asthma
  • Personalized Allergy Drops can be safely and conveniently administered at home
  • Needle injections and weekly allergy injection visits are avoided
  • Symptom improvement, and symptom relief will continue to improve with prolonged use as directed by your Board Certified Allergist.
  • Convenient Telemedicine visits are available with our providers.
How do I get started?
  • Schedule an appointment with our office.
  • Once we have determined your allergies, we will prepare a prescription for your allergy drops, and deliver a 90 day supply to you directly at home.
  • Your first dose will be administered at home where you will start on your first 30 days treatments as prescribed
  • Once you start your treatment at home, we will ask you to schedule a follow-up visit within 30 days so we can assess your progress toward your maintenance daily dosing
  • Your refill vials will then be mailed to you every 90 days, ensuring you never run out.
  • You can schedule a televisit with a provider anytime, but we recommend at least one time before your annual visit each year
  • You will need to commit to a daily adherence of allergy drops.
How much will it cost?
  • Allergy drops are not covered by insurance and will cost from $150 per month on average
  • Your insurance will be billed for your office visits with our providers, and you will be responsible for related co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance.
  • You will have convenient access to our providers anytime by appointment through our Telemedicine program, saving you time and improving your access to our Board Certified Allergists at $62 per visit. We can answer your questions from the convenience of home or your mobile device. We recommend a Telemedicine or traditional office visit after 90 days, then every 6 months thereafter.
What if I miss a few days of using my Personalized Allergy Drops?
  • Personalized Allergy Drops only work when they are used daily according to directions
  • If you miss a few days, it is not usually a problem. If you miss a week or longer, we recommend you contact us for instructions on how to restart your drops. We may recommend a convenient telemedicine visit to get you restarted appropriately
Can a severe reaction occur (anaphylaxis)?

While life threatening allergy responses have not been reported in millions of uses, it is still possible.Therefore, we always prescribe Epinephrine Injector for our patients in our allergy care 365 program.

What are “Personalized Allergy Drops” and why use a “Metered Dose Vial?”

We take the results of your allergy testing by our providers to create Allergy Drops that are specific to your allergy profile and this is why we call it “Personalized Sublingual Immunotherapy (allergy drops).” In addition, using pharmaceutical grade metered dose devices to deliver allergy drops in precise amounts enables your Board Certified Allergist to personalize your dosage and therefore get the right amount of drops with each use. We have made this treatment delivery more precise by introducing metered dose vials that eliminate this shortcoming in traditional droppers.

What is the dosing schedule in the first 4 weeks while I build up to maintenance level?
  • Week 1 = 1 drop daily per vial
  • Week 2 = 2 drops daily per vial
  • Week 3 = 3 drops daily per vial
  • Week 4 = 6 drops daily per vial and you have reached a maintenance level dose.

You will have an office visit to maintain or adjust your maintenance level dose. The maintenance vials will be personalized and mailed to you at home for daily administration.

What else do I need to know?
  • Allergy drops come in a metered dose vials
  • Refill vials will be mailed to you directly
  • Allergy drops are administered by you at home
  • No food or drink for 15 minutes after administration
  • Allergy drops are placed under the tongue and held for 2 minutes.
  • If you are prescribed two or more daily vials, drops can be administered consecutively (after holding for 2 minutes)
  • We recommend allergy bottles be stored in the refrigerator. However, they can be kept at room temperature for up to 30 days. Please avoid extreme heat or freezing temperatures.
  • Report any side effects and please advise if your dentist if you schedule dental procedures like oral surgery
  • ALLERGYCARE365 provides you with a comprehensive solution 365 days per year, personalized for you by your Board Certified Allergist at AAAC.
What are common side effects?

Itching in the mouth, primarily under the tongue, is the most common side effect. The itching often decreases after the first 2-4 weeks of treatment. These side effects are transient, but patients may benefit from taking an antihistamine.

What do I do if I am having a serious allergy response after taking my drops?

We provide the following guidelines for all immunotherapy service options, including ALLERGYCARE365.

If you are having difficulty breathing or if severe airway swelling is occurring please administer your epinephrine injector and call 911 or have someone take you to an emergency room for treatment. Remember, if you use an epinephrine injector you should be evaluated in an emergency room. AFTER you have been treated and the emergency situation has been addressed, please contact our office to report your reaction and schedule an appointment.

What if I decide I want to discontinue my allergy drops?
  • Allergy drops are personalized for each patient and a custom formula is written by our board-certified allergists for you.
  • We hope that you find this treatment beneficial in helping to improve your quality of life, helping to eliminate your allergy issues.
  • We understand patients may choose to cancel their care. We ask that you email requests for cancellations to AC365@alalabamaallergy.com. We will need to receive your cancellation 30 days prior to your next set of vials being made for you. If you have questions you can also email AC365@alabamaallergy.com. Please expect a response that same day.