OIT Patients

Who do I call for questions, reactions, or illness after OIT begins?

To serve our OIT patients, our OIT team is on call 24/7. Please call 205.558.9086 for medical questions pertaining to you or your child’s OIT process when necessary.

If there is a reaction at home, refer to your Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan form our office. If your child develops a rash, itchy skin or mouth, or hives give them Benadryl. If your child has symptoms of anaphylaxis, use their Epi-Pen and do not hesitate to call 911.

If there is just 1 or 2 hives, DO NOT give antihistamine for the first hour so we can see if the reaction progresses. If the hives are increasing, give antihistamine.

Call us at 205.558.9086 after the appropriate immediate intervention. We will give instructions on treatment and future dosing.

What happens if the daily dose is stopped after OIT?

Daily doses are required to maintain desensitization after OIT.

OIT is not a “cure” – studies are still ongoing for investigating” long term tolerance” (where daily doses of a food allergen would not be needed to remain desensitized).

What if I or my child is sick and can’t take the doses on schedule?

Our standard protocol is to reduce the dose by at least 50% when sick. If your child is unable to keep food down we address this differently. Instructions for assuming original dose and dosing schedule should be discussed with a health care professional at our clinic. If there is a gap of more than 48 hours between doses for any reason, call before administering the next dose.

What time of day should a home dose be given?

The dose may be given at anytime in the day. You should try to give the dose at the same time everyday; however, it is always best to take it at a time when observation by another and the time between your dose and vigorous exercise is at a maximum.

How long should my child stay awake after the evening dose?

Children should be observed for at least 1 hour after the dose is given. They should not be allowed to sleep during this time. Your child should NEVER take a dose while alone.

What about home dosing on the day of the office visit for dose increase?

You do not take a home dose the day of an updose visit

What if we are flying when the dose is due?

Do not administer the dose on the day you are flying until you’ve reached your destination and are settled. A letter for the Transportation Safety Authority (TSA) explaining the procedure and the need to carry food solution on the plane is available upon request.

What is the follow-up schedule once the maintenance dose is reached?

Once the maintenance dose is reached there will be a 3 month follow-up where new scratch and lab tests will be performed, as well as a final challenge to the food. Subsequent visits can be scheduled as needed.

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