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If you are a biologic patient, you CANNOT schedule your appointments online. Please call 205-871-9661, option 1
If you are a biologic patient, you CANNOT schedule your appointments online. Please call 205-871-9661, option 1


Important Information for Patients of Alabama Allergy & Asthma Center Regarding Clinic Hours, Immunotherapy/Biologic Administration, and Policies


We've updated our clinic hours

Our Alabaster and Bessemer offices will remain closed until Mid-October 2020. Our Hoover office will remain open.


Important Information for Patients of Alabama Allergy & Asthma Center Regarding Clinic Hours, Immunotherapy/Biologic Administration, and Policies


Breathe Right, Live Well

Alabama Allergy & Asthma Center’s mission is to be the leading caregiver for patients with allergies and chronic respiratory problems. Since 1966, our practice has been committed to providing the greater Birmingham area and our patients with the best care through our values of care, advocacy, service, integrity, and accountability. Allergies, asthma, and immune diseases can have a drastic effect on an individual’s quality of life. Our team of physicians, nurse practitioners, and staff work together to help diagnosis and treat patients who suffer from pediatric and adult allergies, skin disorders, sinus issues, asthma, and immunological issues, as well as food and drug allergies. Come see us at one of our convenient locations in Homewood, Hoover, Alabaster, Chelsea, Cullman, Trussville, Bessemer, or Oxford.

Why See an Allergist?

Becoming an allergist / immunologist requires at least an additional nine years of training beyond a bachelor’s degree. After completing medical school, physicians undergo three years of training in internal medicine or pediatrics and pass the exam of either the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) or the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP). To specialize in Allergy-Immunology, it is next necessary for internists and pediatricians to complete an additional two years of study, called a fellowship, in an accredited allergy / immunology training program. They are then qualified to sit for the American Board of Allergy and Immunology (ABAI) certification exam. All of our allergists are certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology: the only recognized specialty that cares for patients with allergic and immunological diseases.

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Most people are unaware of the immune or allergy causes behind their symptoms. It can be critical to identify what is causing your symptoms, and allergists have the appropriate training, knowledge, and tools to diagnose and treat your allergy and asthma related problems. Allergies may affect many parts of the body, and can be an underlying trigger for issues, including organ symptoms such as the skin, lungs, gastrointestinal system, eyes, ears, and sinuses. Thus, it can be beneficial to make an initial appointment with an allergist to assess your symptoms and causes. Allergists receive many referrals from other healthcare providers such as internists, pediatricians, ENTs, pulmonologists, and dermatologists, and will partner with your other healthcare providers for individual treatment as necessary. Allergy specialists diagnose their patients’ conditions by collecting a complete medical history on each patient, performing a physical examination on the patient and assessing the patient’s environmental exposure history. They may also perform tests such as allergen skin tests and lung function tests. If you have allergy symptoms that occur in association with exposure to certain things, that is highly significant. Allergy diagnostic tests, such as skin tests or blood tests, provide similar information and merely confirm what your health history tells the doctor. If your doctor were to rely exclusively on the results of skin or blood tests (without history and physical examination), you could be diagnosed as having an allergic problem that you don’t necessarily have. Once they have diagnosed the patient’s condition, allergy doctors can advise patients in treating the condition, minimizing the allergic response or avoiding the allergic triggers identified. In addition to treating potentially serious consequences of allergies and asthma, allergists also focus on preventative care, ensuring that patients achieve and maintain optimal health and quality of life. They develop management plans and follow patients over time, providing them with the most up to date treatment options available.Our doctor’s are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as:

  • Sinus Infections
  • Asthma and frequent cough
  • Hay Fever (Rhinitis)
  • Eye Allergies
  • Food, Insect, and Drug Allergies
  • Immune System Problems that might cause frequent infections
  • Kelly Black Avatar
    Kelly Black
    - Facebook

    My son is an Oral Immunotherapy patient at the Alabama Allergy & Asthma Center for desensitization to peanuts. Everyone at the center is always super friendly and they have repeatedly... read more

    Jessica Hess Cobb Avatar
    Jessica Hess Cobb
    - Facebook

    We have quick and thorough visits every time. Nice, friendly, and knowledgeable.

    Laura McLain Avatar
    Laura McLain
    - Facebook

    Awesome place! Dr. Soong is a wonderful Doctor & very easy to talk to. ���

  • Alicia Renee Johnson Avatar
    Alicia Renee Johnson
    - Facebook

    I was there for an allergy skin test and all of a sudden, I developed servere symptoms of anaphylaxis, Dr. Soon Yi and he staff was awesome in taking... read more

    Fransheryl Jones Avatar
    Fransheryl Jones
    - Facebook

    Having Saturday shot clinic hours is awesome! Staff also very friendly and knowledgeable!

    Cheryl A Mckeown Avatar
    Cheryl A Mckeown
    - Facebook

    My college age son started going there about 4 years ago. They put him on allergy injections once a week. It was a chore keeping him on track with... read more

  • Rebecca Johnson Shew Avatar
    Rebecca Johnson Shew
    - Facebook

    I have been using Alabama Allergy since Dr. Baugh was there, more than 25 years ago. It's gotten increasingly better since Dr. Soong took over. The friendliness and efficiency have... read more

    Barbara Ryans Barnes Avatar
    Barbara Ryans Barnes
    - Facebook

    Great customer service!
    Dr. Anderson is excellent in this field. I was referred to AL Asthma and Asthma Center because I had multiple conditions and my local physician felt they...
    read more

    Rachel Hayes Beam Avatar
    Rachel Hayes Beam
    - Facebook

    Excellent staff and doctor!!!!!! Our visit for my three year old could not have been better!!!! So happy to understand his medication allergies/reactions now!!! Would highly recommend this practice to others!!!

  • Laura Hays Avatar
    Laura Hays
    - Facebook

    Dr. Sikora and the whole staff was wonderful! My son was very nervous about having allergy testing done, but they made him feel at ease. I really appreciated that!

    Leanne Putman Avatar
    Leanne Putman
    - Facebook

    They were great with my 12 yr old son. They made sure to show him everything to put him at ease.

    Wanda Pate Avatar
    Wanda Pate
    - Facebook

    Very knowledgeable and helpful! busy busy place

  • April J Davis Avatar
    April J Davis
    - Facebook

    When your Dr can pinpoint everything wrong and u dont have to say anything.....you kno u came to the right place!

    J.Y. Harris Avatar
    J.Y. Harris
    - Facebook

    Love the staff, speedy office visits and convenient parking. Patient of 6 years now.

    Pam Stewart-Kuhn Avatar
    Pam Stewart-Kuhn
    - Facebook

    Dr Comer and her staff at the Food Allergy Treatment Center (part of this medical practice) have been the answer to 18 years of prayers! My daughter has had... read more

  • Whitney Carver Avatar
    Whitney Carver
    - Facebook

    Great experience! Wonderful doctors and awesome environment for kids.

    Cynthia McCain Avatar
    Cynthia McCain
    - Facebook

    The most friendly and compassionate staff ever!! I love each and everyone of them.

    Courtney Garrison Bryan Avatar
    Courtney Garrison Bryan
    - Facebook

    Wonderful doctors and staff! My children loved coming here yesterday and ready to come back. I will definitely recommend Alabama Allergy & Asthma Center to family and friends!

  • Chanika Smith Avatar
    Chanika Smith
    - Facebook

    Very nice visit everyone was very pleasant and Dr. was awesome!!

    Elizabeth Bertorello Stroud Hutson Avatar
    Elizabeth Bertorello Stroud Hutson
    - Facebook

    Love this place and all their staff!

    Jeremy Livingston Avatar
    Jeremy Livingston
    - Facebook

    Very professional and did a great job with my 8 year old daughter.

  • Donna Barrett Avatar
    Donna Barrett
    - Facebook

    Love it here. Dr Anderson is a wonderful doctor!

    Kim Wilkerson Avatar
    Kim Wilkerson
    - Facebook

    Alabama Allergy is always awesome! So good with my son!

    Jessica Martínez Linderman Avatar
    Jessica Martínez Linderman
    - Facebook

    Great staff! Very friendly! Helping my 6 year old be able to live like a normal 6 year old without having attacks everyday!

  • Sonya Castillo Avatar
    Sonya Castillo
    - Facebook

    The staff and the doctors are excellent. They offer study groups and my daughter joined one and she has been itch free after 19 years of itching! Please parents, give... read more

    Marsha Weir Avatar
    Marsha Weir
    - Facebook

    My 96 year old Father has been itching for over a year and with all his scratching irritated his arms, legs, and back where in horrible shape. We had... read more

    Larry Samson Avatar
    Larry Samson
    - Facebook

    Just like the Naaman Clinic, who referred me, all the staff I have encountered have been both professional and friendly. The wait time was very brief in consideration to my... read more

  • Sharron Rashun Riley Avatar
    Sharron Rashun Riley
    - Facebook

    They the best I love coming here ...love to relax in this environment it very comfortable. ..plus the staff is so concerned and caring about every one here.....I wouldn't trade... read more

    Toni Lynn Gilmore Avatar
    Toni Lynn Gilmore
    - Facebook

    I love the whole staff here. I have gone and have taken my daughter. Very caring and comfortable environment.

    Kuntree Nate Rice II Avatar
    Kuntree Nate Rice II
    - Facebook

    Love this place...i can finally smell everthing..it feels good not to suffer from bad sinus n e more

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